Grey Gecko Press

Wave, Wind & Blade

Jason Kristopher

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Marko has never sailed before, being a street urchin from the Bakrasahni capital city of Mynea. During his first voyage on the Sea of Tears, he discovers his captain is famous, and may be more than he seems. Unfortunately, evil has found them, and Marko may not make it home again. Such is the life of a cabin boy aboard the HMS Titan's Hand.

This short story is approximately 2,900 words, and takes place in the land of Bakrasah - a fantasy realm of magic and mayhem, a fallen kingdom with shining cities and fearful darkness. Look for more tales from Bakrasah, coming soon. Also included is an excerpt from the award-winning zombie apocalypse novel The Dying of the Light:End, also from Jason Kristopher and Grey Gecko Press.

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