Grey Gecko Press

Dying of the Light #4: The Walker Chronicles

Jason Kristopher

In the best-selling zombie series The Dying of the Light, author Jason Kristopher showed us that the zombie apocalypse isn't coming — it's already here, and we're losing.

In this collection of supplemental short stories, Kristopher takes the reader on a behind-the-scenes journey into the rest of the world he's created in the main series. From the first known zombie incursion (Outbreak One: Washington Territory), to Nazi-created monstrosities (The Coldest Winter), through the 1981 Libyan Crisis (Blood and Sand) and the story of what befell one of our favorite characters (Whatever Happened to Thomas J. Reynolds?).

Get your fill of the AEGIS backstory with this great collection of short stories by the bestselling author of The Dying of the Light: End, called the 'best zombie book since World War Z!'

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