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Lunch With Charlotte

Leon Berger

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"A well written book. I walked in Charlotte's shoes. I cried."  — J. FinchAmazon

Every Friday for the last 25 years of her life, I had lunch with Charlotte and each week she told me more of her extraordinary story. To all appearances, she was a strong and dignified survivor, with old-world courtesies, a twinkling sense of humor, and a lilting Austrian syntax. Yet deep within, she'd been scarred by a profound personal trauma.

Finally, just before she died at the age of 91, she chose to entrust me with this profound secret, and all at once I understood how it had affected her entire adult life. This is a story of friendship and strength, of courage and betrayal. It is an epic tale set against the backdrop of history.

Lunch with Charlotte has won several awards, including an Honorable Mention in Reader's Favourite's 2015 Book Awards and finished as a Finalist in the the 2013 Kindle Book Review's Best Indie Book Awards.


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