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Eco-Adventure #4: Flocks of One

John Morano

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Featuring a special introduction by Andrew Sharpless, President of Oceana.

Glyde, Gonzo, and Azul have one thing in common: they’re all flying as flocks of one. Other than his father, Lupé, Glyde has never seen a pure Guadalupe petrel, so when he hears of a Gwatta headed for the Pine Barrens, he sets off on a mission to bring her home. There he meets Gonzo, an endangered ivory-billed woodpecker, and joins forces with the last remaining passenger pigeon and a barred owl who speaks only in Shakespearean English.

Meanwhile, after losing his mate and being smuggled out of the shrinking Caatinga, Azul finds himself in the care of a celebrated conservationist. However, not everything is as it seems, and the Spix’s macaw must fight to return to the place he knows best. But with a disappearing habitat and without a mate, can his journey lead him home?

The John Morano Eco-Adventure Series is back with a fourth installment that asks the question: What does it mean to be home in a changing world? As the climate warms and habitats are lost, will the man-flock help the birds before it's too late, or will flocks of one become flocks of none?

Flocks of One continues the outstanding focus on environmental concerns, personal fulfillment, friendship, self-awareness, and the tenets of eco-literature that Morano created in the first three unforgettable novels in the series, A Wing and a Prayer, Makoona, and Out There, Somewhere.

Like the other books in the series, Flocks of One is a children's book for adults and a young adult novel with universal themes, a story that you can enjoy by yourself or share with the entire family.

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