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Eco-Adventure #4: Flocks of One

John Morano

PRE-ORDER NOW! Release Date: Winter 2018/2019


Can one bird be a flock? Should it be? In this fourth installment of The John Morano Eco-Adventure Series, fly with a Spix's Macaw from Brazil, an Ivory-billed Woodpecker from Louisiana, and a Guadalupe petrel from the Galapagos in an incredible story that introduces readers to new characters and settings, all environmentally sensitive, and reacquaints us with friends and locations from previous stories.

Flocks of One continues the outstanding focus on environmental concerns, personal fulfillment, friendship, self-awareness, and the tenets of eco-literature that Morano created in the first three unforgettable novels in the series, A Wing and a Prayer, Makoona, and Out There, Somewhere.

Like the other books in the series, Flocks of One is a children's book for adults and a young adult novel with universal themes, a story that you can enjoy by yourself or share with the entire family.

Featuring a special introduction by Jim Simon, President of Oceana.

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