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Eco-Adventure #3: Out There, Somewhere

John Morano

For nearly one hundred million years, the coelacanths have lived in the ocean depths. They are living fossils, humble and powerful. They have hunted, borne young, and prayed to the spirit-fish. But for the canth called Maputa, all that is about to change.

SeaTopia is an aquarium run by the man-tide. The Director, Dave, is an empathetic man who tries to help both humans—ocean whiz-kid, Kemar and neglected teen, Samantha—and fish, but no measure of kindness can turn a prison into the sea.

Out There, Somewhere continues the outstanding focus on environmental concerns, personal fulfillment, friendship, self-awareness, and the tenets of eco-literature that Morano created in his unforgettable first two novels, A Wing and a Prayer and Makoona.

Like Wing and MakoonaOut There, Somewhere is a children's book for adults and a young adult novel with universal themes, a story that you can enjoy by yourself or share with the entire family.

Featuring a special introduction by Roger T. Rufe, Jr., President of the Ocean Conservancy.

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