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Dying of the Light #2: Interval

Jason Kristopher

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Becoming a zombie was much more painful than he had expected.

The world has ended, and the few who are left struggle to survive. They had hoped that the worst thing they would have to deal with in this new world would be the walkers, come to rip and devour. They were wrong. There are worse things than zombies.

Those once thought safely sheltered in massive bunkers are under ceaseless attack, have gone dark—or worse. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, marooned on the desert ice of Antarctica, a dwindling group of scientists fend off starvation. David Blake and the remnants of the US military launch a desperate rescue mission to bring them back; among them, the one scientist who has the knowledge that could save the human race.

A character-driven story similar to The Walking Dead on AMC, The Dying of the Light: Interval was a Top 5 Finalist in Kindle Book Review's “Best Indie Books of 2013” competition. It is the sequel to The Dying of the Light: End, and is followed by the trilogy's conclusion in The Dying of the Light: Beginning, available now.

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